Experienced leaders with a fresh approach.

Why e2p?

As investors and operators in the industry for many years, we felt there was a lack of a focus on building long-term relationships and deep understanding of the food space. Too often investors are purely transaction oriented. Entrepreneurs need capital and experience to help them sustain their businesses for the long term. e2p was founded to address these needs.

Where We Invest

We invest in businesses across the food industry. We work with a variety of sellers, but given our operational experience and extensive networks, we are frequent partners for family held businesses seeking transitions and for corporations looking to divest divisions. We typically seek control investments in order to clearly align objectives with management.
Company / Investment Size
Company / Investment Size
  • Revenue: $50 million or more 
  • Equity investments: $25 million - $150 million
Sectors of Interest
Sectors of Interest
  • Established food and beverage products and/or brands
  • Private label/contract manufacturing
  • Foodservice
  • Consumer packaged goods

Our Approach

Our approach to creating value is centered around our four Core Values:


We develop relationships that are built on mutual respect, open and honest communication, and integrity. We align our interests and move quickly.


We combine decades of experience within the food industry with the passion and knowledge required to drive exceptional results. We know the players, trends, strategies and tactics for driving sales growth and operational improvements in the food industry. Our partners have grown businesses and brands to their full potential, turned around struggling companies, and built brands from scratch. We leverage our highly talented team and network to create valuable insights from thorough analysis.


We leverage our experience and entrepreneurial mindset to develop a Business Transformation Plan (“BTP”) specific to each company in which we seek to invest. We believe that developing a plan as part of the investment decision process lays the groundwork for driving meaningful and sustainable impact at portfolio companies.


Our transformation plan outlines specific and tangible goals for each company. Defining performance expectations at the outset allows us to clearly align the objectives and rewards for all stakeholders, creating a collaborative partnership that is focused on executing the transformation plan with a high degree of accountability.

Sustainability and ESG: Doing MORE with LESS

e2p was founded on the fundamental belief that successful entrepreneurs build their companies to sustain growth and prosperity for future generations.

e2p aims to build sustainable organizations through a holistic focus on continuous improvement.

e2p strives to deliver superior returns to its investors through its core values of Trust, Experience, Improvement, and Performance and through its network of entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are driven to build great legacies.